Company History

I have always enjoyed working with wood. I still collect woodworking tools and build furniture in my spare time. In the 70’s I went through the carpenter’s apprenticeship. Then for several years I worked for various contractors. In the early 80’s Dan Becker and others, started The King’s Carpenters. At that time I was building cabinets. Later in the 80’s I bought into The King’s carpenters and in 1994 I bought Dan out. That same year, Fine Woodworking magazine put my tool chest on the cover. (April 1994 #105)

Through the past 20+ years we have installed for local companies and for woodworking shops all over the country and Canada. One of my sons, Isaac, started out working in a production shop, and then went through the carpenters apprenticeship. He has currently been working as an installer and more recently running jobs as a superintendent. We have several other highly qualified superintendents, all with more than 20 years experience in woodwork installation.

The name of our company comes from Proverb 22:29;

Our Purpose

We strive to provide the best woodwork installation in the Metro Atlanta area and cause those we work for to succeed. We install pre-finished woodwork, paint grade trim, store fixtures, plastic laminated cabinets, architectural doors, and other woodwork related items